Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Wreath Dilemma

Since we moved into our house, I have been debating on whether 
or not to put up a wreath on the front door. The door has
 a large glass window, so I have always been worried
 about hanging one on one of those over-the-door hanger. 
Then I started thinking that I could hang one to the right of the door
 under the lamp. But, I realized the house numbers were there. 
So, for quite sometime, it was looking like our house 
was going to be unfinished, just plain wreathless. 

A few weeks ago, though, my wreath dilemma got solved!
 I came across this idea on Pintrest from the blog Teach.Craft.Love.

I can't believe I never realized to just put the 
house numbers on the wreath!
Problem Solved.

I quickly got to work on my wreath with help from my friend Laura 
(who recently went into the wreath business - Whimsical Wreath Creations).
 I got all of my supplies from, where else .... Hobby Lobby  (I feel that my 
blog is just an advertisement  for that store, they should start paying me). 

I decided to go with a late summer/fall theme and make the wreath
 simple by just using sunflowers. I just stuck the stems in on the
 left side of the wreath and bent them around until it looked right. 
Some of the little colored balls/fake berries fell off in the process 
so I just stuck them in randomly around the wreath for more color.

Next, I pulled the house numbers off the front of the house
 and I painted them yellow. Then I attached
 them on the right side with clear wire.
I plan on making more house number
 wreaths for each season!!!

Jarrett hung the wreath up for 
me after I had many failed attempts. Apparently
 I put too many nail holes in the house.

Awwww the house feels so much more complete!! And pretty!

Wreath, flowers,
paint, clear wire,
house numbers
 (from home improvement store) 

Total: $12-15

Wreath - $3
Flowers -$2 a piece
Paint -$2
Wire $2
Numbers - $1 a piece 

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  1. SO CUTE! You could have a wreath for each season! I think this might be one of my first crafting projects after I graduate. MISS YOU!