Saturday, August 27, 2011

Put a Belt on Your Head!

Well it's about time that I put up another post!  
As some of you know, I started PA school back up 
again last Monday.  And sadly, I have been going 
through Blog/Hobby Lobby/Estate Sale
 withdrawals all week. But now its Saturday
 and I am a free woman (except for the massive stack of
 homework that I have piled up to get done this weekend).
 So, I went to an estate sale this afternoon and I hit it big! 
They were practically giving stuff away because they were 
closing about 10 minutes after I arrived. I ended 
up with eight wicker baskets, several holiday decorations, 
an old painted coffee can (don't know why I love 
those cans but I do), and a belt all for $6!

In my mad rush to grab everything I could at the sale, 
I noticed the belt I bought and thought that I would use it 
with a blue/turquoise dress I had. 

When I got home I tried the belt on with 
the dress and I loved the belt,
 but not the belt with the dress or with
any other clothing I had. I realized 
that maybe I didn't necessarily need to
 use the belt as a belt.
So, I decided instead I would 
turn it into a headband!  
Here is all it took  ....

All I used was fabric scissors, 
super glue, and an 
old clear headband I had. 
I cut a piece of  the belt to 
fit over the headband. 

Then I put super glue on the back of the belt and glued it 
across the top of the headband.

And, I ended up with a beautiful headband!
 It was that easy!!!

The estate sale today was AWESOME!
I got a lot of good stuff and  love my new 
headband, heck I probably would
 have paid more than $6 for it alone!

Fabric scissors, belt, 
super glue, old plastic headband

Practically free!!!


  1. Oh my gosh. Did you go to the sale from my house?! I should have gone with you!

  2. Yes!! It was just about to close. I didn't even know about it till I was about home. It was down the street. I grabbed like all that was left that was cute. All the decorations were very picked over, if you want a turkey I've got three and Jarrett wasn't to thrilled with that!