Monday, August 15, 2011

The Guest Bathroom/My Bathroom

Our second bathroom is in a hallway to the left of of our living room.
 It is the green room with the door in the picture below. The arch you 
see on the right of the picture is the entrance to the kitchen.

I don't really have before pictures of this bathroom but it was about
 as ugly as the other bathroom when we bought the house. 
Below is what it looks like now.

In this bathroom there was tile all along the lower half 
of the walls. We took that off and added the white beadboard like we 
did in the bathroom off of the master bedroom. We also 
put in the sink, mirror and lights to match the other bath. The bathtub 
is original to the house, Jarrett just painted all of the tile in it 
a solid white. I picked out the green paint color.
 Surprisingly, Jarrett does actually like it though.
We will probably tone down the wall color before we sell the house.
My friend called it "Doctor Scrub" green one time, which is pretty perfect for me!

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