Monday, August 15, 2011

Table Decoupage

Before we moved into our house last July, Jarrett built 
a little table for our kitchen. The plan was to mosaic it 
eventually, but 6 months went by and I still didn't know
 how to mosaic. However, I was learning about the
 wonderful world of decoupage!

Here is the table that I started with. 

Originally, we had gotten little chairs at a garage sale to go with it.
 But when I decided to decoupage it I set out to find some wooden ones
 that I could paint like the table. I found the pair below at a
thrift store for $9 total. I decided to go with a "crackling" technique
when I painted the table and chairs so
 that I would get that aged effect.
Click here to see the crackling process.
I started out with a tan base coat.

After the tan base coat dried, Jarrett and I covered the table
 and chairs with the clear crackle medium and let that dry. 
The next step was to paint the top coat, I picked out a dark purple. 

If you click on the pictures to enlarge them, you will see the
 crackling effect that the medium gave the paint.

After the purple paint dried, all that was left to do was decoupage.
 I decided to put one of my favorite sayings on the table and then 
I cut out the butterflies that were printed on scrapbook paper
 from Hobby Lobby. Once I had all of my lettering and pictures
 cut out, I laid them out in the design I wanted and I started 
gluing them on with Mod Podge decoupage glue. After all 
of the pictures were glued, I covered the entire surface
 of the table and chairs with several layers of the decoupage
 glue (letting the coats dry in between). That is the great part 
about Mod Podge it is a glue and a sealer! 
For better decoupage instructions and some other ideas click here.

Here was the end result! 

I love this table, now it is functional and pretty!!

Table and Chairs, 
base coat of acrylic paint,
 crackle medium (any kind will work),
top coat of  acrylic paint
 (pick something that 
contrasts well with your base coat), 
decoupage glue, 
scrapbook paper/pictures/fabric etc., 

about $20 
I got the table for free, chairs for $9,
the acrylic paint comes in $2 bottles
 at Hobby Lobby, 
Crackle Medium was $3 (I think), 
scrapbook paper was $2.

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