Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Living Room

The first room you enter when you come into
 our house is the living room.
This is what it looked like when we
 bought the house. 

Some of the things that we liked about the room 
was the hardwood floors, the old fireplace and the
 arch between the living room and the dining room. 

The picture below is taken in the direction straight from the
 front door into the kitchen and hallway. 
We added the two arches that you see to tie in with the 
arch we loved on the other side of the living room. 
Originally, there were two doors where these 
arches were. I feel like all of the arches have really 
helped to open up our house.

Now, this was the first time I had ever been around a house remodel. 
So, I was pretty terrified at times by the dust and the mess.
 Also, I am not the most patient person so I was always
 so anxious for it all to get done. 

It was so worth it in the end!!
Here is our living room now!

The following are some of the changes Jarrett and his Dad made: 
adding the arches and the new front door, refinishing the floors, 
painting the walls a mocha brown color and putting a TV in
 place of the mirror above the fireplace.

All of the furniture in the room is reused.
 The coffee table was given to us from my Aunt and Uncle and the
 end tables are from my Great-Grandmother's home. 
The cabinet on the left of the fireplace is from Jarrett's room at his parents
 house and the bench on the right of the fireplace was a
 great $10 find at a garage sale. 
All of this furniture was mix-matched in terms of the colors, 
so we painted it all black to add some cohesiveness. 

The couch, ottoman and the chair (Jarrett's chair) were ones 
that his parents used to have in their basement before 
they they redid it. We bought slipcovers to make them
 go with the colors in the room. 

I've had a lot of fun accessorizing this room! 
One of my big projects in this room was the gallery wall 
behind the couch. I found all of the frames at the Dollar Tree and garage sales. 
Then I painted them all black. I then had some of my
 favorite pictures of us and our families printed in black and white.
 I just love the feeling of family and home that it
 gives you when you walk in the front door. 

Some of the projects that I have left to finish in this room
 is hiding all the cables for the TV, putting up some wall art
 next to the bench and adding a mirror. Remember, that
huge mirror that was above the fireplace when we moved in?
Well I have this big frame that I painted that I want to get the
mirror cut to fit in. I plan to hang it on the wall next to the
white coat rack. Hopefully, this project will get
 done in the next week or so! 

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