Monday, August 15, 2011

Our Master Bedroom and Bath

 This is what our bedroom 
looked like when we bought the house.

The bathroom was horrible when we bought it! 
We gutted it completely. I even got in on this demo!

Jarrett and his Dad rearranged and
 remodeled the bathroom

Here is what the bedroom and bathroom look like now!

The color of the bedroom and bathroom walls are a light gray
 and the bedding and towels are a charcoal gray (it was really 
hard to get the coloring right in the pictures). The bathroom is not
 decorated yet but it is still wonderful! In the bedroom, we just decided
 to add wedding pictures for some decorations. The frames were all 
from the Dollar Tree and the "love" sign was from Hobby Lobby.
 I spray painted them all a shiny metallic gray. We hung black curtains
 in place of the broken closet doors that originally came with 
the house. I love having curtains instead of doors! 
But, that is probably something we will change before we 
ever decide to sell the house. 

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