Monday, August 15, 2011

The Office

Recently, I redid the back bedroom and made it an office.
When we bought the house this room was the same tan color as the 
rest of the house. Originally, I painted it blue. 
But, I changed it to yellow last week. Poor Jarrett, he just 
had to go and  marry a girl who loves changing color (I credit it to my
 childhood in a white-walled house). 
Here is the new office. 

Click here to see this button lamp project

I still have some pictures to hang up in the room, 
but it looks better now than I thought it would have 
when I started. The best part of this room was the
 name of the paint color..... "Pale Butter" or 
as I call it "Pale Butta!"


  1. Now you have your Indian name . . . Pale Butta.

    One Who Stays Put

  2. LOVE IT!!! And we are calling this the Office/Heeney's Room.