Sunday, August 14, 2011

What a Kitchen!

When we bought our house the kitchen was so old and dated!

Everything in the kitchen when we bought the house was old
 and falling apart so we decided to completely gut it.

Jarrett and his dad designed the new kitchen and installed
 everything from the cabinets to the tile floors to the new lighting.
They even built a wall to separate the laundry area from the kitchen.

What a lucky girl I am! 
This is our amazing kitchen!

Jarrett and his dad installed all of the cabinets in the kitchen, 
Jarrett bought all new matching appliances (for an 
amazing deal), we added a tin backsplash 
 Jarrett's mom and I helped put in the tile floors and 
we painted the walls to match the living room. 
Jarrett also put in another arch from the kitchen to 
the dining room.

Most of the stuff in the kitchen were gifts we got from the 
wedding and the rest are things I have gotten since 
we moved in. The little table and the mail holder 
were projects that I recently completed for kitchen.
Hopefully I will get some posts up on 
these projects soon!

I did have to keep one thing though to remind us
 of the old kitchen, a piece of the original tile backslash!

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