Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Make Your Own Cross

I love crosses! I have been keeping my eye out for 
them at garage sales and stores for the house. A while back, I found out
 that Hobby Lobby sells unfinished wooden crosses.
 So, I decided I would try decorating some.

I made these crosses in my "pre-blogging" era, so I didn't take
 good pictures while making them. The processes was the
 same for both, though. First, I painted the front 
and sides of the cross with spray paint. I painted the turquoise 
one black and the pink one silver so that the sides would 
look nice. Then, I found fabric to decoupage onto the crosses. 
The fabric on the turquoise one was off of a $2 pillow from an estate sale 
and the fabric on the pink one was actually from one of our table 
runners from our wedding. You could also use scrapbook paper instead of fabric.
 After I got the fabric glued on, I trimmed the edges. Then I used super glue 
to attach accessories on them. All of the accessories I used were 
from Hobby Lobby. I found the pearls on the turquoise one from the 
scrapbook department, and I cut the flower off of a 
floral stem. On the pink cross I picked off the little white flowers off
 of a couple of floral stems and the little bird I found by the floral section. 

The crosses were a fun easy and fun project! 
The turquoise one is hanging in our living room
 and I love it every time I see it!

Unfinished wooden cross, spray paint, 
fabric/scrapbook paper, 
Mod Podge glue, accesories, super glue

about $10 for the two

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