Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Traveling Leaf

Several years ago, my Dad was on a trip in Shanghai, China
 and he found this MONSTER of a leaf. For some reason, he
 thought it was so cool that he decided to bring it
 home with him. So he packed up the leaf and flew home,
 half way around world, to Kansas with the
 leaf perfectly intact. Now this is quite impressive
 already, but to make the story even more interesting the 
leaf hung out on a shelf in my Dad's office for several years. 
Then, when my parents moved to their 
new house a few years ago he packed it up again and 
took it with him. And until a few weeks ago the 
"Traveling Leaf" still set undamaged in his
 new office on the same shelf. 

So, I decided it was about time that we were going to 
do something with this crazy leaf. I asked him if I could frame
 it so that we could protect it, but I was really thinking 
that we might finally give this leaf a purpose. 
He agreed and the fun began!

First, we decided to spray it with a sealer 
for protection (after like five years uggghhh).

We then let it dry overnight.

The next day, I came over with a 12"x12" frame 
(that's how big this leaf was!) and some
 scrapbook paper for him to pick from.
He choose to place the leaf on the scrapbook paper
 I had with all of the postage stamps and letter images.
My mom and I thought this was the perfect choice since it
 kinda of incorporated the whole travel story of the leaf.

We simply just attached the scrapbook paper to the frame
 backing, laid the leaf where we wanted it, 
and then added the frame.
It took like 5 minutes or less!
Now it looks great!!

Dad loved the way it turned out and my parents decided they are
 even keeping it in the living room for now on the mantel.
I'm just happy we don't have that dang leaf floating
 all around the place anymore!

A leaf, spray sealer,
 a piece of scrapbook paper, 
and frame

I just had to buy
 the frame, it was $10
 from Micheal's

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  1. That's such a fun story! I love how it turned out and might have to make some fall decor using the same sort of idea! :)