Monday, August 15, 2011

The Dining Room -- My favorite room!

Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of the dining room 
before the remodel. But it was just basically a plain box.

This what our dining room looks like now!!

The picture above is looking through the arch
 from the living room.

As you can see our bedroom is just off the dining
 room opposite of the living room.

The kitchen is off the dining room under the other
arch that we have in this room.

The reason that I probably love our dining room so much is because
 of the color and the accessories. The walls are painted a 
turquoise color, called Woodlawn Valley Haze from Valspar.
 This color inspired us to pick out the plum color curtains
 in our living room and the accessorizing of the 
two rooms kinda took off from there! 

Here is a closer look the accessories in this room.

The cross above was one that I got at a garage sale for $2
and I painted it white. The Milk glass in the above and the
 below pictures are my Great-Grandmother's collection.
They are in shelves that I added fabric to.

Below is a picture of a stained glass piece that our friend Connie 
made for us for our wedding (BEAUTIFUL!!!). 

The above picture shows a lot of the details of this room.
We added the white hang lighting fixture. The table was found at a
church garage sale by Jarrett's parents for $30. We tried to
stain it originally but ended up painting it black,
I think it turned out perfect! The white chairs were a
present from IKEA. The vase on the table was a wedding gift and
 I added the purple flowers to tie in with the purple in the living room.

The side chairs that you see in the corners of the dining room
came with the dining table from the garage sale. Jarrett's
mom and I painted them and reupholstered them.
Here is a close up..

Below is a close up of the picture hanging the chair
you saw in the previous picture.
 It is of Jarrett and I on our wedding day. It is probably one
 of my favorite pictures of  all time!

The dining room is finished for the most part.
 All that I have left that I really want to do is to add some
pictures in the cabinets eventually. I especially want to add a
picture of my Great-Grandmother since it is her beautiful Milk Glass!

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